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What is the difference between a pre-qualification and pre-approval? A pre-qualification letter is typically easy to to receive simply by contacting a mortgage broker, or lender, and providing some general financial information. A pre-approval letter involves verification of employment, source of your down payment and other aspects of your financial circumstances. Pre-approval allows you to know how much money you can qualify for.

What determines my monthly payment?

There is no exact formula to determine ones exact monthly payment because of factors such as down payment percentage, mortgage insurance, property taxes, adjustable interest rates, qualifying grants, your income, debts and credit history. Sellers love working with pre-approved buyers! When you are looking for your dream home, you will have more purchasing power with a pre-approval. Sellers are always happy to have an offer submitted by someone who is pre-approved to obtain the mortgage!

Save time and find your dream home sooner!

Being pre-approved will allow you to quickly narrow down your dream home search because you will know approximately how much you can afford.