Testimonials ForElite Realty - Becky and Mick Spann

Charlie M.

It has been a real pleasure working with Becky Spann. I was involved with my first home-buying experience and as such I was very ignorant of many things, from the very beginning of looking for houses to actually closing on a sale. Much to my relief, Becky was a fountain of information and patient, professional guidance during the entire process. During the search for houses, Becky was incredibly thorough in ascertaining what my tastes would be for a home and pursued those with a tenacious drive to find the houses she believed I would prefer. Within a short amount of time, Becky had found a location to my liking and was invaluable in advising me through all the paperwork and necessary procedures. As a realtor, Becky was exceptionally professional, exceedingly knowledgeable, and willing and able to fit around my schedule, which was not always convenient. As a person, Becky is charming, humorous and always present with a kind word and a smile. I have greatly enjoyed working with Becky and would gladly recommend her services to anyone.